TekRevue: BassJump is an “ear-opening addition”

Wondering how to improve sound quality on your Mac without extra speakers? We’ve got one word for you: BassJump.

According to website TekReview, which performed an in-depth analysis of everything from battery life to side-by-side audio samples using BassJump and not, "...the beauty of the BassJump is that it can improve sound quality without the hassle, extra wires, and power cord required by external speakers. It’s easy to throw the BassJump in your bag to bring on vacation or business trips. 

Futuremusic: BassJump is “pure sonic alchemy”

While our BassJump has been around a while, it’s still being discovered daily by more and more music enthusiasts. The experts over at Futuremusic took it for a spin recently and went deep in their review.

"The Twelve South BassJump speaker is not intended to provide an audiophile experience, it is merely “turbo-charging a MacBook’s speakers,” as one tester commented. Thus, instead of lugging around a pair of decent external stereo speakers when traveling, the BassJump provides a very portable solution for sound enhancement. And it turned our doubtful staffers into believers.

How to fully, manually uninstall BassJump SW

It is normally fine to update the BassJump software right over the older version, but sometimes you just want to clear the deck.

The quick way to uninstall BassJump SW is to right-click (or control-click) on the icon in System Preferences and select: 'Remove "BassJump Sound System" Preference Pane'. There is a more thorough manual way to do this as well. Here are the steps: First make sure the BassJump Menu item is inactive: Open BassJump Preferences Flip the back panel Uncheck the "Show BassJump in Menu Bar" checkbox Quit System Preferences Then, move these files to the trash: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/bassJumpAudioBassPlugin.plugin /Library/PreferenePanes/BassJump.prefPane Reboot your Mac by restarting (or at least logging out then back in again). To download a fresh version of BassJump Software, visit here. For more info visit the BassJump page here.

From the User Email Bag: “Freaking unbelievable” shipping (in a good way)

Every now and then, we get a great story from a satisfied customer that we just can’t wait to share.

Check this out: "Guys, I thought you should know this: 1. Placed an order on Friday 4/13/2012 at 5:15PM Sydney (Australia) local time. Received the BassJump 2 here on Monday 0/16/2012. That is freaking unbelievable. The fastest delivery ever. Working back to your South Carolina time (you are 14 hours behind), your staff acknowledged the order 4 hours later, i.e. as soon as they walked in the front door on Friday morning. I am amazed that DHL were so quick. Well done. By the way, the gadget is great. It's hooked to my 27" iMac. Best regards, Goran" Get your own ships-freakishly-fast BassJump here. Or heck, just get anything we make -- it all ships equally fast, for free in the USA, and for a great new flat rate to most other places. Including Australia. 

MacWorld’s Gear Guide for the Mobile Mac User Features PlugBug and BassJump 2!

It's a given that Apple users like to get out there. You like to "create" in small coffee shops, wide open spaces, fast-moving trains, crowded airports. And for all that creating on the go, you need gear. Not just any gear -- great gear. For that reason, MacWorld brings you its latest Gear Guide for the Mobile Mac User. And this time they've featured not one but TWO Twelve South products.