Reuse and Re-Purpose: Twelve South Packaging

If you take a look inside the manuals for many of our products, you’ll notice a list of ways to reuse the brown gift box from your new Twelve South gear. While we love getting notes from people about how they love their new Twelve South toys, it makes us uniquely happy when we hear of creative ways that people are recycling our packaging. To celebrate Earth Day we’d like to share a few of our favorite ways customers have re-purposed their brown gift boxes.

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Introducing BookArc möd for MacBook

The MacBook stand that complements your space as well as your Mac.

Charleston, SC, April 15, 2014 – Twelve South unveils its first product created in wood. Introducing BookArc möd, a meticulously crafted hardwood version of its popular BookArc stand. Designed to complement the inspiring workspaces many MacBook owners inhabit, BookArc möd blurs the lines between furniture and technology. This elegant stand is compatible with all current MacBook models and is available in three finishes: Birch, Walnut and Espresso. BookArc möd is delivered in museum-quality packaging, and is available now for $79.99 / £69.99 / 79,99 € at and Apple Stores worldwide. More information and press ready images can be found at

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BookBook Goes Big on April Fools’ Day

We love it when a plan comes together. Especially when that plan involves an April Fools' Day joke. 

We've long been amused by people who love their iMac screen sizes so much, they'll pack them up and bring them to the local coffee house to work on them. Don't get us wrong: We love a large screen as much as the next guy or girl, but it's just. Not. Something. We'd. Do. So we started thinking: What if we made a BookBook for those people? How big could BookBook be?

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Introducing Rutledge BookBook for MacBook

Rutledge, the MacBook case as unique as you are.

Charleston, SC, March 13, 2014 — Twelve South unveils its first MacBook case in almost 3 years. Meet the Rutledge BookBook Case for MacBook. What sets this premium genuine-leather case apart? Each cover is hand-finished with a new color layering technique that makes every Rutledge truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. It also shelters MacBook like no other between two hardback book covers and a rigid spine. The Rutledge fits all current MacBooks, including a version made just for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The new Rutledge BookBook is available now for $99.99 at

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