Use #5,556 for HoverBar: To give someone you love all access

You’d do pretty much anything for the people you love.

So when those baby brown eyes look up at you and you know, deep down, that being able to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse could make it a special day...well, wouldn't you install a HoverBar for that? Of course you would. HoverBar can provide anyone with an all-access pass to comfortably enjoy the apps and shows they love. 

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Forbes on Twelve South: “A Refreshing Break from the Norm”

We are blushing.

In a recent piece for Forbes titled "These Two Companies Increase Apple's New Worth," writer Ed Zitron makes the case that Twelve South, along with friendly competitor Mophie, are the only two premium Apple accessory makers worthy of buying from, calling us the "Chanel clutch and Burberry bracelet to your little black iDress."

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Awesome Use #4,353 for HoverBar: Over Mama’s Nursing Chair!

We are loving all the photos we get of neat uses for HoverBar.

Nothing makes us happier than to learn that HoverBar makes *you* happier in your daily iPad use. Nursing moms -- or bottle-feeding moms, or Dads, or both -- we don't judge either way: How about a HoverBar for the chair where you spend most of your time? We all know men and women who work the parenting night shift, when you're both exhausted and starved for entertainment to keep you awake while your sweet new baby slumbers (or screams his or her head off) in your arms. With HoverBar, you can mount ready entertainment within arm's reach and settle down in your comfy chair. Here's a peek at how one mom pulled it off:

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