Chip Chick: Travel much? Get your PlugBug World on!

The lovely ladies of women’s lifestyle and tech blog Chip Chick have gone and done it again. They’ve taken a TwelveSouth product, tested it for themselves, and come back with a “buy” verdict. This one? PlugBug World, which they tested in Spain. Here’s the scoop.

"Are you a MacBook owner that travels abroad a lot? Then you’ll want to check out TwelveSouth’s PlugBug World accessory. This accessory kit has two purposes. First it provides you with all of the adapters you need to use your MacBook anywhere in the world. Second, it also adds a USB port to your power adapter, essentially transforming your Macbook power adapter into a dual charger for the iPad and iPhone.

Macworld UK: PlugBug World an “essential MacBook/iPhone travel companion”

Still plotting some summertime travel?

It's not too late to get your power tan on...and your MacBook and iPad or iPhone charged rapidly in your hotel room while you sink those lily-white toes into the sand. PlugBug World can do just that, whether you're sunning on the coast of Portugal, camped out in LAX on the way to Phuket, or even -- lucky you! -- living somewhere where your backyard is the ocean. Simply snap PlugBug World onto your existing MacBook Power Adapter to convert it into a dual charger that works in any major country, enabling you to charge your MacBook and iPhone or iPad simultaneously, from a single outlet.

MacFormat: PlugBug World gets 4.5/5.0 stars!

We're fans of MacFormat, a terrific UK Mac magazine which features detailed reviews and great tips and tricks for Mac users...and we’re always delighted to find Twelve South mentioned in its pages!

In the April 2013 issue, hitting newsstands this week, is this review of our PlugBug World: "Out of the box, PlugBug World gives you a 2.1A USB charger for powering up your iPod, iPhone and iPad, and a selection of plug attachments so you can use it abroad as well as in the UK.

Twelve South BackPack now updated for the newest iMacs.

Updated BackPack 2 now available, improves compatibility with the new 21.5 and 27-inch iMacs

We are pleased to announce that the updated BackPack 2 is now available at BackPack 2 now includes new inserts that improve compatibility with the newly released 21.5 and 27-inch iMacs (Late 2012), as well as most Apple Displays and previous generation iMacs. The updated BackPack 2 is available now at for $34.99.