Meet SurfacePad for Air: a First Class Upgrade to your MacBook Air

Upgrade your MacBook Air to First Class with the new SurfacePad for MacBook Air.

Charleston, SC, June 5, 2012 – Twelve South announces SurfacePad for MacBook Air, the latest in a line of ultra-thin, genuine leather wrist rest protectors for MacBook. SurfacePad for MacBook Air is designed to add a refined look and scratch protection to the Air, while also adding a warm, soft layer of comfort to the metal wrist rest area. Available in black or red, SurfacePad for MacBook Air is available now for just $29.99 at More info and images can be found here.

TUAW: New SurfacePad for Air offers hands-on luxury

Just last week we introduced our newest addition to the SurfacePad line, for the thinnest of MacBooks -- the Air. Our latest SurfacePad is a gorgeous sliver of top-quality napa leather designed to complement your MacBook Air, and the reviews so far have been positively wonderful! Here's a peek from TUAW’s Steve Sande, who spent a few days test driving SurfacePad on his own Air.

Run Around Tech on SurfacePad: “Feels fantastic while your hands are resting on it”

Run Around Tech is known for chasing down technology, and we're glad they caught our SurfacePad for MacBook Pro. As a self-proclaimed "Apple fanboy", Marc Hawkins loves his Apple gear, and decided to pick up a SurfacePad to keep his new 15" MacBook Pro looking as beautiful as the day it left the Apple Store. So what did he think of our "black leather shield of protection" for MacBook Pro?

Macworld: “Trick out your MacBook or MacBook Pro with TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad”

Searching for a way to personalize your MacBook while adding a stylish layer of protection? Macworld suggests our SurfacePad for MacBook as a great way to “start the new year in style” in the January edition of the magazine.

In their words: “This superthin, soft leather palmrest protects your wrists from winter chills and your computer from scratches and dirt. You can get the SurfacePad in basic black, or add a subtle swirling pattern for extra oomph.” Add a layer of stylish protection to your MacBook by picking up a SurfacePad or here.  Free shipping is available for a limited time, so order early to get your Twelve South gear in time for the holidays! (Fa la la la la la la!)