BassJump for MacBook is Refreshed & Ready for El Capitan

Charleston, SC, September 3, 2015 - Twelve South has released a software update for BassJump, their portable subwoofer for Macbook. BassJump 3.0 has a radically redesigned interface, and the software refresh makes the BassJump compatible with upcoming OSX El Capitan. BassJump for MacBook is available for  $69.99 now at


Already own a BassJump? The new BassJump 3.0 software is compatible all versions of BassJump and with OSX Yosemite and El Capitan. Update your BassJump software to 3.0 for free here.

The BassJump Sound System blends the sound output of BassJump with the output of built-in MacBook speakers, adding bass for dramatically enhanced sound. The ultra-portable BassJump turns MacBook into the ultimate travel-friendly sound system. Since a single USB cable delivers power and sound, no extraneous power supplies are needed, making it perfect for travel or on your desk. Minimalists will love having a less cluttered workspace, while traveling musicians will enjoy having an extra bass kick from their MacBook where ever they go. 

Take the BassJump Challenge

Get a BassJump today,  and compare it to your favorite pocket Bluetooth speaker. If it's not better, we'll give you your money back within the first 30 days after your purchase. There's no down side to trying the BassJump. Get a BassJump today  and hear just how good your MacBook can sound.

"Whenever I travel I always make sure to pack my BassJump. I often see others carrying around separate [Bluetooth] speakers on the go, but the convenience of BassJump is a huge advantage. When compared to pocket bluetooth speakers, BassJump offers superior sound quality and convenience - especially when power sources are sparse and the battery is low. We want our friends and customers to experience and compare BassJump to their pocket bluetooth speaker. We’re sure it’ll sound better, or we’ll give you your money back." — Andrew Green, Twelve South co-founder.

About Twelve South
Twelve South designs one-of-a-kind accessories exclusively for Apple products, including MacBook, iMac, iPhone and iPad. Founded in 2009 by former fashion and consumer electronics executives, the Twelve South product lineup includes BookArc and BookBook, two products that redefined their categories in the Apple accessory space. More information is available at

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