BassJump Subwoofer for MacBook Updated

Charleston, SC, December 5, 2013 – Twelve South announces that BassJump Subwoofer for MacBook software has been updated. The remastered software for BassJump delivers full OSX Mavericks compatibility, with new features that include automatic headphone detection and a refreshed Retina-ready interface. The new BassJump Sound System 2.5 software blends the sound output of BassJump with the output of built-in MacBook speakers, adding bass for dramatically enhanced sound. The software update is free for all current BassJump owners. BassJump for MacBook, compatible with all MacBook models, is just $69.99 and available now at

The ultra-portable BassJump turns MacBook into the ultimate travel-friendly sound system. Since a single USB cable delivers both power and sound, no external power supplies are needed, making it perfect for travel or even at your desk. Minimalists will love having a less cluttered workspace, while audiophiles will enjoy enhanced sound from their MacBooks wheverever they go.

Many enjoy the convenience and performance of BassJump for movie watching, business presentations and hotel room tunes, but who are the biggest BassJump fans? They're professional musicians who cite sound quality and portability as key features. BassJump makes an excellent monitor for musicians listening to -- and editing -- tracks on the road. 

Original release can be found here.

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