Twelve South BookArc Now Fits MacBook Air with Retina Display

The newest version of BookArc, which includes the custom insert for MacBook Air with Retina Display, is available now at The all-aluminum design comes with three interchangeable silicone inserts, each crafted to fit various MacBook models.

With BookArc (paired with your favorite large display and keyboard/mouse), you can run your desktop from your MacBook in closed-clamshell mode, and move from working hunched over a small laptop screen to enjoying the wide view of a much larger and more convenient external display, all without losing precious desk space.

To learn more about BookArc and the history behind our first-ever Twelve South product, watch this behind-the-scenes clip of our co-founder and inventor of BookArc, Andrew Green, talk about how the BookArc came to be.

We are proud of the way we have grown and expanded as a company over the last decade, and think it speaks volumes to our design ingenuity that by switching out a custom insert, our flagship product continues to be compatible with the latest from Apple. This also allows existing BookArc owners to easily update (instead of upgrade) when a new MacBook is released.

To ensure you are receiving a BookArc with the compatible insert for the new MacBook Air, make sure to purchase directly from Twelve South; the updated version will become available to our retail and vendor partners soon.
For those wishing to purchase the newest insert as a standalone product, the upgrade is available at Twelve South as well.

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