Meet HiRise for iPhone 5 & iPad mini

At last, a beautiful iPhone stand that also adjusts to accommodate most cases on the market. Twelve South unveils HiRise for iPhone 5 & iPad mini, an adjustable stand designed to work exclusively with the Apple Lightning Cable — and most every case on the market. The beautiful metal pedestal elevates iPhone for FaceTime chats, hands-free calls, desktop charging, viewing apps and streaming music without blocking iPhone’s speakers, mic or headphone port. 

Why use an iPhone stand? Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South explains, “We love HiRise because it provides such a great home for your iPhone when you’re noton the go. Park your iPhone on HiRise to keep it fully charged, display incoming messages and alerts, and video chat, hands-free, with FaceTime or Skype with your camera facing right at you. It’s a simple device, but once you use it, it’s hard to live without it.”  

Using one of three different adjustable clips and your Apple Lightning Cable (not included), HiRise positions the Lightning connector at a raised height to connect and charge your iPhone 5 or iPad mini. This allows HiRise to work with most cases, including cases with recessed connections no other dock can fit, like the OtterBox® Defender, Speck CandyShell and, of course, the BookBook for iPhone. The rear support also adjusts forward and back to accommodate the different thicknesses of various cases and shells.  

“Twelve South already makes some of the best Apple stands available, like our Compass for iPad and BookArc for MacBook,” says Green. “But we always wanted to make the ultimate iPhone stand. We wanted one that worked perfectly with cases like our BookBook and that would not  block the headphone port or speakers. The HiRise achieves all of these goals...and does it with supermodel good looks.” 

All smaller iOS Lightning devices including the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th gen.) and even the iPod nano (7th gen.) look gorgeous perched atop HiRise. Voice calls, Skype and even music sound crystal clear because, unlike other docks, HiRise does not block or interfere with the downward-firing speakers at all. While working at your desk, HiRise keeps favorite apps front-and-center, displaying news, weather and sports alerts as they happen. HiRise fits in great in the office and anywhere else you park your iPhone, like a bedside table or kitchen counter.   

Remember when speakers had docks and charged your iPhone? HiRise brings that handy functionality to your favorite Bluetooth speaker. Set iPhone on HiRise while streaming music to display the current track, while keeping your battery charged and ready to go when you are. Elevate the way you use iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Get your own HiRise for iPhone5 & iPad mini today. It's available now for just $34.99 at



About Twelve South
Twelve South is a company dedicated to making one-of-a-kind accessories exclusively for Apple products. The company was formed in 2009 by former executives from the fashion and consumer electronics industries, and its design team includes the original designers of landmark products like the Griffin iTrip and iCurve, and the DLO HomeDock and DLO Relaxed Leather cases. More information is available at

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