Rutledge BookBook Case: Now available for iPad Air and iPad mini.

By popular demand, BookBook Rutledge Edition, a stunning artisan case, is now available for iPad Air and iPad mini. Each Rutledge BookBook case is a unique work of art tailored from premium, high-quality leather. Like our other BookBook models, this beauty features two hardback covers, a rigid spine and soft padded interior to keep your iPad safe and sound. BookBook Rutledge Edition for iPad is available now for just $79.99 (iPad mini) / $89.99 (iPad Air). Order today at

Cover to cover, this BookBook is like no other. 

  • Each Rutledge Edition is a distinct work of art. Every single premium leather Rutledge case has a slightly different finish, so no two are exactly alike.
  • Small details make a big difference. This Rutledge Edition has a tiny notch at the top of the inner frame. It’s there so you can swipe to access Notification Center on your iPad without the leather getting in your way.
  • It protects iPad Air and iPad mini in two ways. BookBook Rutledge has hardback covers, a rigid spine and padded interior to protect iPad. It also disguises your expensive iPad as a vintage book, keeping it out of sight. 

Peek behind the scenes at our Rutledge photo shoot. 
When it came to capturing the perfect images of this special case—named after famous Charlestonian John Rutledge, signer of The Declaration of Independence—we needed just the right set of eyes. We asked acclaimed photographer Sully Sullivan to spend the day with us in and around our beautiful hometown of Charleston, SC and here's how it all came together.

We re-wrote the Book on hand-crafted finished leather. 
How can we make every Rutledge different? We invented a new technique that allows us to apply multiple layers of color to leather, then carefully remove selected elements to reveal a radiant tapestry of hues and patterns. Each Rutledge cover reveals a slightly different finish, highlighting the natural grain of the leather itself. That’s how you get your own distinct case.

Learn more about the Rutledge BookBook case family.
Visit us at for additional information and photos. Want one? Buy yours now at for just $79.99 (iPad mini) / $89.99 (iPad Air) with FREE U.S. Shipping & discounted International Shipping. These iPad cases join the previously-announced Rutledge BookBooks for MacBook to make up the Rutledge BookBook Family of cases.

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