#12Days: Favorite Apps for your HiRise

People email us all the time to ask which apps are in our photos. Because we’re so very Type A deliberate around here, we should say up front: We don’t feature apps unless we use them. And we are picky, picky, picky.

So in this installment of #12Days, we’d like to share some of our favorite apps with you…that happen to go great with our HiRise. All are available in the App Store, because, well, Apple.


Three apps we like for HiRise (for iPhone + iPad)

First up is Red Clock. We feature it on the HiRise bedside image. Why we like it: Very clean user interface, nice themes, big easy-to-read clock, automatically updated local weather, terrific alarm function. It doesn’t hurt that the Night Switch mode is cute, either. $1.99.

We also enjoy Noon Pacific ($1.99). If you’re a music person (like pretty much every Twelve Souther…one of us had a record deal with Warner Bros Music back in the day) and you’ve enjoyed things like Paste Magazine‘s CD of the month, here’s the iOS version of that. Once a week, Noon Pacific pushes out a new playlist of tunes you probably have never heard. Each of the week’s 10 songs is hand-picked from the top music blogs for new music. But keep Spotify, too (there will be days when you have critical need of the Beautiful South’s BBC recordings and other new and known things).

Home chefs, gourmands, and kitchen novices alike will appreciate Yummly, an app that hooks you up with every recipe imaginable, and then creates a convenient shopping list for you. If you’re of the “hmm, not sure what I’m hungry for” persuasion, Yummly can fix that, too — the app features recommendations based on “what are you in the mood for” kind of thing (salty, savory, bitter etc.). Can’t say more about this app, because it’s making us hungry. Free.

#12Days Holiday Gift Idea: HiRise to match his/her iPhone…and an iTunes Gift Card.





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