#12Days: Gifts for the Mac Geek Who Has Everything

By now, you’ve probably crossed all the “easy” people off your list (the kids, teachers, babysitter, hair stylist, your sisters). But what about the Mac Geek who has everything (your spouse, best friend, favorite colleague)? What makes a happy surprise for that person?

In this installment of #12Days, we’ve got a few ideas up our stocking.


Does your special person happen to own the King of All Macs? There’s no better gift for the person with a Mac Pro than BookArc Pro ($59.99). This chrome stand is made exclusively to provide the perfect cradle for Mac Pro, allowing it to nest perfectly on its side instead of the upright position. Why? This cuts the Mac Pro’s height requirement in half, giving your favorite Mac person more options when it comes to where Mac Pro can rest. Grab it.

If your favorite Mac person is an iMac user, give the gift of the dream keyboard. The simple addition of MagicWand ($29.99) connects Apple’s Magic Trackpad to the Wireless Keyboard, providing a single one-piece input device that looks like it came straight from Jonny Ive. MagicWand’s nifty H-beam keeps the keyboard aligned with the trackpad on virtually any surface, including your lap or the armrest of your recliner, so you’re free to roam from iMac to MacBook to Apple home theatre and back again. (Pro Tip: Lefties rejoice! MagicWand can be installed on the left or right of the keyboard!) Stuff their stocking with MagicWand.

BackPack ($34.99) — our very first product — is a simple little shelf for the back of the iMac that is never out of reach. It’s the perfect perch for hard drives, USB peripherals, or that LEGO Minifig collection they’ve been working on. Included vertical support pegs are there to prop up tall drives, time capsule, or even MacBook Air. BackPack is easily installed using two clips and gravity, and even offers your neatnic Mac fan terrific cable management. Get it today.

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