#12Days: Stocking Stuffer Edition

If you’re anything like us, you’re still thinking of people that need to be added to your gift list, so stocking stuffers are the least of your worries.

Still, we thought we’d throw out a few fun Stocking Stuffers that have caught our eye this year…all chosen because they’re under $15.


For the instagrammer in your life: This is my selfie shirt, $14.99, from Etsy.

For your real-life Wonder Woman: The Wonder Woman minifig, $12.95, from Lego at Amazon.com.

For your real-life Super Man: Super Man minifig, $10.95, from Lego at Amazon.com.

For the person who loves to be creeped out: Hexbug Scarab, $12.66, Amazon.

For the people who stick beside you like glue: Sugru air-curing rubber, $12.95 and up, from Amazon.com.

For your mini robot lover: 99 Robots and Me T-shirt for kids, $9.95, from Threadless. (Props to site CoolMomTech.com for this find.)

For the chocolate lover/world traveler (ok, for everyone): Passport Chocolates, $9.95, from your local Trader Joe’s.

For your powerful girl-power girl: She Is….set of pencils, $12, Etsy.

For the design lover in your life: Tattly temporary tattoos, from $5, at Tattly.

For the person at work who twirls her hair: Hair ties grab bag, $6.95 and up, Etsy.

For the grown-up comic book fan: Marvel Comics T-shirts, $9.09 and up, on sale now at Target. (Includes Ironman, SpiderMan, Avengers, Wolverine, Captain America)

#12Days Gift Tip: It’s always nice to throw in an iTunes Gift Card. And if it happens to be hidden inside a SurfacePad for iPhone, well, that’s even better.


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