2015: Twelve South In Pictures

We’ve worked hard in 2015 to bring you amazing accessories for your Apple devices, including: ParcSlope, BaseLift, HiRise for Apple Watch, and Forté. We also updated some of our first products: BookArc for MacBook was redesigned, BookBook was tailored for new MacBooks, and HiRise Deluxe was the missing piece for #RoseGoldEverything. The best part, however, was seeing how our customers used their Twelve South gear. So, here is 2015 in some of our favorite customer photos.

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A photo posted by Matt Pearce (@macintoshmatt) on

Creative Office Space • By @jackharries • • jacksgap.com •

A photo posted by Desk Vibes (@isetups) on

Timelapse with @claudrod using @twelvesouth's Hoverbar.

A photo posted by Nate Legaspi (@wiredfractal) on

B A M B O O • By @stehoca • • steho.ca • A photo posted by Desk Vibes (@isetups) on


#TwelveSouth #HiRise for #iPhone meets #AppleWatch stand <3


A photo posted by Frank Feil (@ffeil) on

  Simple Setups #art #beautiful #twelvesouth   A photo posted by Mehran Mokri (@m12mokri) on

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