9to5Mac: BookBook for Air is “what notebook cases are meant to be”

9 to 5 Mac Reviews Twelve South BookBook for MacBook

Here’s a little secret about us: We kind of like seeing our products in use around the world. OK, well, more than “kind of.” In our business, where “good business” means we’re sometimes nailed behind a desk creating things when we’d sometimes prefer to be traveling the world for inspiration, we like to think that at least, on any given day, our products are getting out there. Our products are allowing people to get out there. Our products, while certainly useful in an office setting…are also wonderful in that coffee shop you found in Rome, or that little side street cafe in Malaga, Spain. So we love this photo (check the background: we don’t know where the writer was, but we love the salmon-washed walls and closed wood shutters).

But even more that the photo, we love the fact that our BookBook for Air converted someone — a writer and critic who is usually averse to cases of any kind. Here’s the skinny on his test drive of our BookBook for MacBook Air:

“I have an admission to make: I’ve never been a big fan of protective cases for Apple products. There, I said it. I especially have an issue with notebook cases, many of which unfortunately can be brushed off as cheap-looking, overpriced gimmicks that don’t hold a candle to Apple’s industrial design. I didn’t cave even after the paint had started to come off of my first Apple notebook, a titanium-clad PowerBook G4, because I bumped it one time too many.

It is fair to say that in all those years I’ve never gotten my head around utilizing protective sleeves to keep my pricey hardware in pristine condition. To me, Apple gear is meant to be displayed, touched and marveled at. The BookBook case for Air has changed my preconceived notions overnight. Oozing style, premium quality, convenience and authenticity, it’s the first case I reckoned would actually protect my Air whilst keep those prying eyes at bay. It’s what notebook cases are meant to be, at least in my view.”

We agree about that — many of our products are designed specifically to be secondary to the star of the show, the Apple iPad or MacBook or MacBook Air. (Our Compass virtually disappears when in use with iPad, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.) And it sounds like this review BookBook certainly got put through its paces (girls gone mad?!):

“As I hit the coastline at the time to work from the beach, an opportunity presented itself to put the case through its paces in a variety of environments and interesting settings. While ensconced in it, my Air’s definitely seen some action. I’m talking extreme heat, sun rays on the beach, sunscreen grease, slippery fingers, fingerprints – not to mention bars, nightlife, girls gone mad and what not.

I’m pleased to report the computer emerged victorious, having survived every incident without a scratch. The BookBook case itself looks just as new (or ancient), a testament to its build quality. In fact, I slip my notebook inside to run daily errands downtown and catch up on the latest news while sipping my morning coffee. From the outside, the BookBook case features two hardback covers with extended corners and a round, splayed spine cushion. Its dusty tome look has proven to turn heads, even if the two zippers treacherously give it away (but to a trained eye only).”

And in conclusion:

“If you’re anything like me – that is, a suspicious and whining type – you’ll want to double-check my review by taking a look at the BookBook case in one of the stores. My two cents? Take the plunge and I’ll swear you’ll never want to settle for anything less than pure perfection. The BookBook for Air costs eighty bucks and is is available for the 11-inch mid-2011 and late-2010 MacBook Air and the 13-inch mid-2011, late-2010 and the original Airs. The case can be ordered via the online Apple Store, Twelve South’s home page and through a variety of retailers worldwide.”

We’re so happy that you like it…and that you’ve shared it worldwide through your own adventures.

Have a MacBook Air? Planning your own escape? Consider BookBook for MacBook Air the ideal companion for all those cafes, parks, hotel lobbies and girls gone mad. (Well, maybe.) Get it here.

9 to 5 Mac Reviews Twelve South BookBook for MacBook

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