AlliosNews: “Unequivocally yes” they recommend BookBook for iPad

Allios News Twelve South BookBook for iPad

We love it when reviewers cut to the chase with a semi-executive summary right up front, so this piece in AlliosNews was great to see:

“Do I recommend it?  Unequivocally yes!  This new version of the BookBook for iPad – Vol 2 as the folks at Twelve South refer to it – may very well be the perfect iPad case.  I fully appreciate that is saying a lot and is almost hyperbolic but I struggle to find anything that is not good, right and perfect about this case.  The styling is extraordinary, the fit and finish of it is perfect and it allows you to use every button, control and feature of your iPad uninterrupted.  Add on to that the outstanding protection the BookBook provides for your iPad and it becomes the complete package.”

The rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say, can be found here at AlliosNews (and if you’re curious to see what they thought of our BookBook for iPhone, check this out). Get your own perfect iPad case here (and Flat Rate Shipping is now available to much of the world, which is very nice indeed).


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