AppleTell on MagicWand: “Works as if Apple wanted this to be your setup all along”

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For those of you considering MagicWand but kind of looking at it funny, this may be the review for you. Fence sitters, break out your credit cards! If you have a MagicTrackpad (or need an excuse to get one) and a Wireless Keyboard, it is for you. But don’t take our word for it (we may in fact be ever-so-slightly biased). Just ask AppleTell:

“Twelve South’s MagicWand is the kind of device you may need to look at for a few moments before you figure out if you need it. Let me speed that process along for you; you do. If you use Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad, you do. If you haven’t yet been able to justify the purchase of the Magic Trackpad, this is it.”

Well. We guess that means you’re all sorted out now, aren’t you? But here’s more. How about just how you’ll enjoy using it?

“Now, in its most obvious use, the MagicWand keeps things positioned on your desk. You’ll find its much easier to grow accustomed to using the Magic Trackpad if it’s always in the exact same spot in proportion to your keyboard.

But then you’ll start to get a little more creative. Place the Trackpad opposite your mouse hand, and you’ve got convenient access to two input methods aside from your keyboard; precision from the mouse, gesture controls from the Trackpad. Yes, you can do this without the MagicWand, but this way it seems more like a system, less like a mess.

The big advantage, though, is that you can easily take the gesture controls with you. By combining the MagicWand with the stabilizer, you’re able to create a single unit that can be used on your lap. Why would you need to do this? Those using Mac minis for home theater control wouldn’t need to ask that question.”

Twelve South MagicWand

Lovely, no? Kind of looks as if it belongs there, yes? In short, here’s why you need the MagicWand:

“It looks and works as if Apple wanted this to be your setup all along.”

And that, people, is why AppleTell gave MagicWand a whopping 4 out of 5 apples.

Get your own MagicWand here, or at your friendly neighborhood Apple Store.

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