Awesome Use #4,353 for HoverBar: Over Mama’s Nursing Chair!

We are loving all the photos we get of neat uses for HoverBar. Nothing makes us happier than to learn that HoverBar makes *you* happier in your daily iPad use.

Nursing moms — or bottle-feeding moms, or Dads, or both — we don’t judge either way: How about a HoverBar for the chair where you spend most of your time?

We all know men and women who work the parenting night shift, when you’re both exhausted and starved for entertainment to keep you awake while your sweet new baby slumbers (or screams his or her head off) in your arms. With HoverBar, you can mount ready entertainment within arm’s reach and settle down in your comfy chair.

Here’s a peek at how one mom pulled it off:

Twelve South HoverBar

Get your nursery-friendly HoverBar today. And go ahead, watch that hilarious Amy Poehler/Tina Fey Baby Mama movie you downloaded from iTunes. Play countless rounds of Words with Friends. It’s our little secret that you didn’t spend the whole time gazing lovingly at your little bundle of joy. We won’t tell a soul.

(Need we point out that Hoverbar makes a wonderful tech-friendly baby shower gift?)

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