BackPack hack makes a hot “front facing” shelf for iMac / Cinema Display

A loyal and creative Twelve South customer with a MacBook Air docked in a BookArc asked if a BackPack installed backwards on a Cinema Display could be the perfect perch for his Air’s optional SuperDrive. We’d never tried to attach a BackPack backwards so naturally we had to try it for ourselves. We were blown away how cool it was and how well it worked. See the awesome picts of our own BackPack hack below.

Front facing Twelve South BackPack setup

Front facing Twelve South BackPack setup

So how you do it?

It’s simple. Follow the enclosed instructions as if you were installing your BackPack as normal.  Insert the proper fit clips into both metal clips. Then instead of attaching the shelf on back, flip your BackPack (with short, outer metal lip facing down) and attach to the front of your iMac or Cinema Display desktop stand. Tighten both clips to secure, and you have the perfect shelf for a SuperDrive or anything else that you want to keep hidden, yet easily accessible.

Whether right-side up or upside down, BackPack is the perfect little shelf to keep all your hard drives, optical drives and other gear out of sight. Now with the newly discovered option to create a FRONT facing shelf, it’s a great time to pick up one (or two) for your iMac or Cinema Display here.

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