BassJump “not just for music” says Australia’s MacTalk

MacTalk over in Australia has some VERY nice things to say about our own BassJump after conducting a thorough review for themselves.

In their words:

Twelve South have the attention to detail we expect, plus a sense of humour. The packaging is typically minimalist (only slightly bigger than the product itself) and includes nothing more than the subwoofer, its soft neoprene case (with USB cable inside) and a brief brochure. There are some handy suggestions in the bottom of the box on what to do with it instead of putting it under the bed with all your other Apple boxes, but I’ll leave those as a surprise.”

And about BassJump’s software:

The software allows you to control 2 important settings that balance each other to make the most effective impact on your music; the BassJump Volume and the Crossover Frequency. Volume is pretty straightforward but crossover frequency is a little more particular to getting appropriate response from your music. A subwoofer is designed to produce only the lowest frequencies in your audio and the crossover frequency is the high end limit of audio that will be handled by subwoofer vs your internal MacBook speakers.”

“The good news is that Twelve South include 5 preset combinations of volume and crossover frequency, including Classical, Default, Pop, R&B and Rock, plus a Custom setting for your own adjustments. The manual is careful to point out that pushing each slider to the right is not a good idea.” (Twelve South: No, never.)

…And it’s not just for music? (Really. It’s not.)

And it’s not just for music. The BassJump made a positive difference to the audio on movies, TV shows, YouTube clips and even just sounds and alerts like “You’ve Got Mail” (yes, that’s what I use and always have). Hearing Alex announce “It’s 7 o’clock” with new found bass in his voice makes it seem like he’s just gone through puberty.

That’s hilarious. We’ll have to give that “You’ve Got Mail” a whirl on BassJump for ourselves.

“Once you’ve connected the BassJump, you don’t want to disconnect it…if Apple could fit this kind of sound inside a MacBook it would be amazing (and I suspect impossible). If you’re a very mobile person, play a lot of music from your notebook and can squeeze a solid box into your kit then you’ll really appreciate the BassJump.”

Why thank you!  Want to enjoy enhanced sounds of your own, from music to “you’ve got mail?” Order your BassJump here today, and tell ’em MacTalk Australia sent you.

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