Beatweek Magazine says BassJump “rounds out the sound”

The people over at Beatweek are serious about their music and their media. And it’s no wonder — it’s been publishing as a website since January 2004, and evolved into a magazine in 2007.  Since 2007, the magazine has released more than 70 issues with cover story interviews with the likes of many a famous musician (yes, they got Lady Gaga AND Katy Perry), actor, and athlete (Olympic gold medalists — talk about “performers!”).

So it was quite an honor when editor Bill Palmer chose to review our BassJump. Some highlights from his user experience:

“The built-in speakers on MacBook laptops are better than what you find on a lot of other laptops, but they’re still too tweeter-ish to enjoy music on for any extended period of time. Any set of generic computer speakers can be plugged into the audio-out port on the MacBook for the sake of providing a real audio experience, but Twelve South takes a different approach with the BassJump. Whereas most computer speakers cut off the built-in speakers entirely in favor of their own three (or more) speaker units, the BassJump attempts to simply add a subwoofer to your MacBook’s built-in speakers. After all, when reduced to tweeter status, they’re pretty decent in that role. As such, the BassJump is one of the most intriguing Mac accessories I’ve encountered in some time.”

“And I made that conclusion before I even plugged it in. Out of the box, the BassJump looks something like a Mac Mini, albeit smaller, with the familiar brushed metal sides but a black top instead. In other words, it matches the styling of my MacBook Pro perfectly. It connects via USB, and for good reason. Connecting through the audio-out port would kill the built-in tweeters, so it’s necessary to begin with. But the USB connection is also for another reason, as a piece of accompanying Mac software (sorry PC users, this is where the train stops for you) allows you to control the volume of the BassJump relative to your computer’s overall volume, along with the audio mix between the BassJump and the built-in tweeters. It’s clearly a well thought out product, from its hardware design to its integration, and the whole thing feels, dare I say it, Apple-esque.”

(My goodness! Thank you! – Twelve South)

The bottom line? Beatweek gives it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Thanks!

Know someone who loves music? Give them a BassJump for Christmas, and they’ll jump for joy. Get it here.

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