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Sometimes you look at a product and think, “if one is so useful, wouldn’t two be even more useful? Or even three?” That was exactly the case with William Grose, the guy behind A longtime fan of Twelve South products, he had a BackPack on his iMac, and kept thinking of things he wanted to add back there, so he figured, what the heck, I’ll use three BackPacks.

Here’s how the whole thing went down, in his words:

“For some of us, we’d like to be able to use a second, or third, or fourth (!) hard drive with our iMacs and not have them dangle around the desk, annoying us with their presence. Enter, then, Twelve South’s BackPack to the rescue!”

First, the installation phase:

“Putting the shelf together is a simple affair. Just slide the required insert (the instructions tell you which one you need) into the shelf, and attach them to the back of your iMac or Apple Display. You don’t need to hand-screw the simple bracket very tightly, as gravity will do the rest: Because Apple stands get wider as they go down, just the weight of the shelf will prevent it from sliding down. Thank you, gravity! There’s also no easy way to do damage to your aluminum stand, because the inserts are made of plastic and rest very gently on the aluminum. We likey!”

Twelve South BackPack Big Huge Nerd Review


Then the exhibitionist phase:

“Yep, there are three hard drives behind the iMac in this picture, and you never knew! We are sneaky little nerd monkeys! Not a cable to be seen, not a hard-drive LED to be seen. Nothing. If your cables are a little messy back there, Twelve South does include a sweet little twisty-tie for your usage, but we found we didn’t need to use it. Still, nice touch, Twelve South!”

Twelve South BackPack Big Huge Nerd Review

So if you’re thinking to yourself, “I wonder if I could use one of those BackPacks on my iMac,” that’s not the right question. The question isn’t whether you could use one…it’s just how many you could use. Get one, two, or three BackPacks for your clutter-free iMac setup today. Ships free in the USA…and we’re happy happy happy to tell you that we now offer International Flat Rate Shipping via DHL for most of the rest of the planet. (Which means whether you order one BackPack or 10, the shipping price is one flat fee.)

You can enjoy the full review on BigHugeNerd here.

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