BookArc for iPad works great with the Apple Case for iPad! See for yourself.

………… BookArc for iPad Apple iPad CaseBookArc for iPad Apple iPad Case

We’ve been testing several cases with the BookArc for iPad and one of our favorites is the popular iPad Case from Apple. But there’s a trick to making it work. It works best by removing the silicone insert entirely from the BookArc for iPad. This allows handy storage in either portrait or landscape orientation. Flip open the cover on the Apple iPad Case and set it in BookArc for iPad to view movies, pictures, and slideshows hands-free. Even though the Apple Case can stand on it’s own, it’s a sturdier safer place in the BookArc at your desk or at home. This is the case + stand combo we’ve been using ourselves for several weeks now and we love it. We think you will too.

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