BookArc for MacBook Visual User Guide now live

Is that amazingly thin 11 or 13-inch MacBook Air still taking up too much space on your desk? Need a stand for your Air to create the “ultimate portable desktop machine”? Well good news, the BookArc family we all love for MacBook and iPad has a new member, the re-engineered BookArc for MacBook Air!

To use your MacBook closed in BookArc, simply place your Mac in the stand, connect the Apple Cinema Display cables and power to your laptop along with a keyboard and mouse and you’re ready to go! Want to see how it’s done? Check out the video below that shows how to best use your MacBook in BookArc. (Special shout-out to our 13 year-old intern for the week who produced the video, Logan!)

Pick up your own BookArc for MacBook here (BookArc for MacBook Air available later this month).

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