BookBook: Closing the Case on Computer Criminals

Every now and then we get an email from a Twelve South user that we’ve just *got* to share. This one came in just last night — and while we’re very sorry to hear that a MacBook Pro was stolen, we’re happy to hear that our BookBook kept a new iPad safe and sound!

Here’s the email:

“I just thought I’d drop you a line concerning your iPad case. I purchased the new iPad and immediately ordered your “book book” case for it because I thought it looked cool. Yesterday I had to run into an office for a few minutes, so I left my laptop bag and my iPad in the back of my car. When I returned to my car I was horrified to see my window had been smashed and my laptop was no where to be found, but sitting right where I left it was my new iPad!! I read the marketing telling about how my new case would deter theft, but I thought that was just marketing BS. So, I guess I have you to thank that I still at least have my iPad to stay connected. It’s a good thing most thieves aren’t big readers. Thanks. — Finn J.     Sent from my iPad”

Get your own super-Lo-Jac-non-reading-thief-deterrent BookBook for iPad (or your laptop, for that matter, provided it’s a Mac) today. It’s ready to go for your new iPad, and ships free in the US — and for a low flat rate most everywhere else.


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