BookBook for MacBook Pro Featured in “Wired” Store

Wired Store featuring Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Pro

If you were in New York this holiday season, you may have heard about the annual pop-up store that WIRED Magazine puts together. It’s made up of a hand-curated collection of WIRED’s favorite things, and we were so happy to learn that our BookBook for MacBook Pro made the cut for the section they called “Gadget Lab.”

Wired Store featuring Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Pro

It’s not actually a “store” in the traditional sense — they don’t pack up your bags there or anything or walk you to your car (as if; you’d have taken the subway anyway) — instead, it’s more of an “experience.” You can get hands-on with items you might not see in person every day, and then order them online at the end.

Here’s how they describe it:

“The WIRED Store is not just a shopping destination — it’s an interactive experience that allows you to touch, test and tinker with the most “wired” products out there for the digital gentleman, gadget girl, gastronaut, smarter upstarter, adventure capitalist, maker, or culturazzo in your life.”

While we are big fans of adventure capitalists, we’re not entirely sure what a “gastronaut” is — maybe an astronaut who has had our chili?  But we were pretty pleased with how the Wired Store turned out, and our page in the Gadget Lab section looked great!

Get your own BookBook for MacBook Pro here…the red is H-O-T this Fashion Week!

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