BookBook makes a noteworthy new magazine: Introducing Modern Ink

It’s always a great pleasure to be noticed. But to be noticed by people one suspects are “professional noticers?” Well, that’s another thing entirely. When the designers behind Modern Ink magazine reached out and told us about their new design magazine, we had to wonder if there was room in the world for another.

Modern Ink Magazine featuring Twelve South BookBook for iPad

But then we feasted — and that’s the right word — our eyes on this wonder of a new magazine, and we have to admit: We’re hooked. Here’s a peek at the page which features our BookBook — and as fans of white space, we appreciate the “visual pause” it allows the eye to take it all in.

May we suggest you become a regular reader of Modern Ink, on your iPad or iPad 2, in a BookBook? (Some might say the practice has been endorsed by professional noticers the world over.) And congrats to the Modern Ink team — well done on the first issue. Onward and upward!

BookBook is here. And Modern Ink is here.

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