BookBook + Smart Guy = Fulbright Scholar (Well, Sort Of)

Sweet Pip Weston was kind enough to send us this article about her boyfriend Matthew Lee, who was featured with his BookBook (and hockey stick) in the local Adelaide, Australia pages back in August.
It seems she brilliantly bought the BookBook for her Legal Eagle boyfriend Matthew Lee about 6 months ago, and they’ve been inseparable ever since (the boyfriend and the BookBook).
And now Matthew has won a Fulbright Scholarship. So now Pip’s saving up for a MacBook (may we suggest she get an Air?) so she can get a BookBook as well. Get BookBook for your own MacBook and make it a g’day for yourself, too.


To be fair, we’re not saying that having a BookBook for your MacBook will make you a Fulbright Scholar.


But it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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