BookBook Travel Journal spotted “in the wild”

Talk about putting our BookBook Travel Journal to good use. Here’s a Travel Journal shown in a coffee shop in Poland. The whole setup looks warm and inviting. (Wish we were there.)

That’s cool on its own. But guess who packed it and shot it?

That would be one Spencer Gibb, a spectacular musician and photographer and yes, also, one of those Gibbs. He’s kind of a world traveler, out there “stayin’ alive” one adventure at a time.

You might be surprised to know how many well-known people are using BookBooks these days, whether on the set of “Nashville” or “VEEP,” or  ordinary people carrying Travel Journal on their extraordinary adventures.

As you can tell from the snap, Spencer’s a pro at photography…and at using BookBook Travel Journal to its fullest potential.

Get your own BookBook Travel Journal here.*

*Adventure trip sold separately.


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