Chip Chick: Travel much? Get your PlugBug World on!

Chip Chick PlugBug World Review

The lovely ladies of women’s lifestyle and tech blog Chip Chick have gone and done it again. They’ve taken a Twelve South product, tested it for themselves, and come back with a “buy” verdict. This one? PlugBug World, which they tested in Spain. Here’s the scoop:

“Are you a MacBook owner that travels abroad a lot? Then you’ll want to check out TwelveSouth’s PlugBug World accessory. This accessory kit has two purposes. First it provides you with all of the adapters you need to use your MacBook anywhere in the world. Second, it also adds a USB port to your power adapter, essentially transforming your Macbook power adapter into a dual charger for the iPad and iPhone.

The PlugBug World provides 2.1-Amp of charging power, making it strong enough to power both your MacBook and iPhone or iPad simultaneously. This can be very convenient when you’re traveling and don’t have multiple outlets to use. It also eliminates the need to carry an extra AC adapter for your iPad or iPhone.

In the box you get the PlugBug World USB Charger and 5 red AC plugs for the US/Canada/Japan, Continental Europe, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, China, Australia/New Zealand. Each one of these adapters snap on easily onto the PlugBug World USB Charger which locks onto your MacBook Pro/Air Magsafe Power Adapter. Aside from all of the PlugBug World adapters that are included, TwelveSouth also includes a convenient carrying case to keep everything together while traveling. So far we have tested the TwelveSouth PlugBug World kit while traveling in Spain and were grateful to have it with us during our travels.”

Read the whole review. And then, before you leave for spring break — or consider another far-flung business trip — make sure you’re packing your own airport-friendly, bullfighting red PlugBug World.


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