Cool Mom Tech on BookArc: “I kind of love everything about it”

Cool Mom Tech Reviews Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

Cool Mom Tech, the brainchild of NYC-based power-blogging creatives Kristen Chase (herself a Parents magazine Top 10 Power Moms recipient and guest on both the Today show and CNN) and Liz Gumbinner (ad agency creative director cited on Forbes‘ list of 10 Mommyhood Gurus) is a site dedicated to serving as “the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity.”

We like it because it brings cool techy things to our attention all the time — things we’ve somehow missed ourselves but love love love the moment we see them. (You can also follow Cool Mom Tech and Cool Mom Picks on Twitter.)

So it’s a uniquely fine honor to find our BookArc featured on the site.

Here’s what Liz at Cool Mom Tech (the sister site of Cool Mom Picks) has to say about BookArc:

I love that iPads aren’t just fun little gadgets anymore. Considering all the accessories for them now, you can really make them work hard for you. Case in point: a beautiful, thoughtful stand for those smitten with the Apple aesthetic.

The BookArc for iPad from the clever folks at twelvesouth keeps your tablet upright for easy charging, movie-watching, or digital photo displaying. Add a Bluetooth keyboard and set it on your desk, and now your tablet is your own mini-computer–perfect for those who don’t like the kickstand-style cases and want something with a little more permanence.

I kind of love everything about it.

And if you’re a MacBook Air owner (as I hope to be soon) twelvesouth’s BookArc for MacBook Air looks like an amazing tool. The steel stand is cushioned on the inside to cradle your MacBook Air snugly and securely, with clever cable management built in. But it’s not just a charging dock. If you’re a blogger or design type who works with two monitors, connect your MacBook Air to your external monitor in the BookArc, keep it closed, and apps like Photoshop will run way faster.

Poke around the twelvesouth site for a lot of nifty, accessories for Apple devotees and design minimalists. Same thing, right?

We’d have to agree. Get your own BookArc here…for iPad/iPad 2, for MacBook, and for MacBook Air.

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