Cool Mom Tech: PlugBug is a “killer stocking stuffer”

Cool Mom Tech Twelve South PlugBug Stocking Stuffer

CoolMomTech, created by the founders of influential (and not to mention highly addictive) shopping and design site Cool Mom Picks, picked up a PlugBug recently and took it on a long-haul trip overseas.

“Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever had to choose between charging your iPad and charging your MacBook? Or uh…fighting with the sigOth in the hotel room about who gets to charge their device in the one outlet available?

The PlugBug dual charger from Twelve South solves both those problems, and it is absolutely genius in its simplicity.”

In short:

“$34.99, mamas. Killer stocking stuffer for that Mac user in your life.”

It’s also worth noting that Cool Mom Tech just published their Gift Guide. We love their categories — something for everyone, from “For Dress-Up Bins that Don’t Need Another Licensed Character,” to “For The Kid Who’s Ready to Graduate from Glitter Glue” to Tattly Tattoos “For Your Mini Mister Roboto.” Our favorite App-tastic gifty? Beyond our own products (of course), we’d have to say it’s this ThinkGeek “there’s a nap for that” onesie.

Cool Mom Tech Gift Guide

Get your own killer stocking stuffer here, mamas (and dads) — PlugBug goes great with Santa.

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