Core77 on BookBook: “perfectly encapsulates the old/new thing”

core 77 featuring Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

Industrial design blog is a great design blog and then some. Its global audience is made up of industrial designers from students through seasoned pros. And it’s rich with great content, from a design firm database to articles to discussion forums and job listings, to portfolios you won’t be able to steal away from. So it’s a great thing when Core77 notices some of your design work.

In this case, they’ve taken note of our BookBook line — available for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone. (Special note: BookBook for iPhone is back in stock today (08/30/11). Hurrah! But act fast.)

Here’s what Core77 said of our BookBooks:

I suffer from that object fetish schizophrenia where I’m taken by very new things and very old things. Sketching on an iPad is awesome, and so is laying ink in a Moleskine. On my desk I’ve got a stack of rare internal documents from the Singer company circa 1920 or so, and it’s being fed into a Canon scanner from 2010. I use a zig-zag sewing machine from 1953 and I use brand-new Schmetz needles that have the modern “scarf” cut into them.

Mac accessory-maker Twelve South’s BookBook perfectly encapsulates the old/new thing. It’s a laptop case taking the form of an ancient leatherbound book, offering both protection and scratching that vintage itch.

The company also touts it as making your MacBook less likely to be stolen, but that won’t fly here in New York; I’ll never forget my neighbor in Brooklyn being robbed so thoroughly they even took the sheets off of his bed. Still, I’m digging the BookBook, and now they’ve even got a little one that serves as a wallet and iPhone case.

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

Why, yes we do have a little one that serves as a wallet and an iPhone case! And that little one is back in stock at this very moment. So quick — to the Twelve South site — to get your BookBook for iPhone while they’re here. Ships free in the USA.

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