CrunchGear Video Review of the Twelve South BassJump

Hearing is believing. Even on this video you can hear that BassJump makes a 15-inch MacBook Pro sound significantly better (… provided you’re connected to a good set of speakers to hear it. See note below). Here are a few quotes:

“definitely a considerable difference”

“quite a bit of Bass out… much richer sound”

“I’m actually quite impressed”

Watch the CrunchGear Video Review of BassJump below:

CrunchGear BassJump Video Review [external YouTube link]

Twelve South BassJump page

Note: Just like you can’t watch color on a black & white TV, you can’t hear more Bass if you’re just listening to MacBook speakers alone (hence the need for the BassJump in the first place). However, if you are connected to external speakers or are on an iMac, you will hear the difference clearly.

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