Detailed Unboxing of the BassJump

Here is a nice round-up and review of the BassJump from our friends in Australia. We try and not talk much about the packaging – the better to surprise you when you get it – but they deconstruct it well and show you exactly what you’re getting.

They also accurately portray BassJump for what it is – a great ‘travel-ready’ USB powered subwoofer that makes MacBook speakers sound tremendously better. It is not a replacement for a massive speaker system that you keep at home. It turns your MacBook into a nice sound system when you’re ‘not’ at home. Portability and flexibility is why you have a MacBook right? That’s why you’d want a BassJump too.

Long story short it exceeded my expectations for a small subwoofer powered completely by USB. When I head overseas later this month it is definitely coming with me in the ‘suitcase of awesome.’ As a person who watches movies from a laptop on the road these are perfect.

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BassJump at Twelve South

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