Discovery Channel on PlugBug: “Frequent Flyers, Rejoice”

Discovery Channel Twelve South PlugBug Review

This just in from those global navigators over at Discovery Channel:

“Frequent flyers, rejoice. An accessory you didn’t even know about will soon become a staple in your travel bag.”

“Twelve South’s PlugBug is a wall charger that attaches to the MacBook power adapter. But its genius lies in a very simple concept: include a USB port to charge your iPhone, iPad or other peripherals. You can simultaneously power up multiple devices, or use the PlugBug as a standalone charger.

At 10 watts, the PlugBug provides the fastest possible charge for the iPad, which requires twice the power of a typical USB charger, the company says. This is especially handy given the fact USB ports on most MacBooks don’t charge at full speed. At home, you can leave your iPad charging all night, but between flights or meetings, you probably don’t have that luxury.”

The writer, Silicon Valley-based Alice Truong, goes on to say that essentially, the MacBook is her most expensive charging device. She’s right — many of us have used computers as battery packs for charging other devices. With PlugBug, you don’t have to.

Read more at Discovery Channel. And get your own far-less-expensive-and-so-much-faster PlugBug today.

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