Electronista: Turn your Mac into the “ultimate battle station” with Twelve South accessories

electronista Twelve South ultimate desk set up

Ever wonder what the ultimate Mac “battle station” looks like? A recent review of several of our products on electronista can give you a pretty good idea. They took a BookArc, a HoverBar, a BackPack, and a HiRise for iMac…and came up with something pretty awesome. Check this out:

Twelve South electronista review

Here’s what they had to say about BookArc:

“The BookArc is a made out of a beautifully machined aluminum with a high-quality anodised aluminum finish that complements the MacBook Pro very well. Further, the rubberized inserts not only securely hold a MacBook Pro, they are also designed in a way that ensures that users will not be in position where the aluminum MacBook Pro could possibly rub against the BookArc. It has been thoughtfully designed and also looks great while also helping to declutter a workstation.”

And HiRise:
“With our MacBook Pro safely cradled in the Twelve South BookArc, we raised the height of our Apple Thunderbolt display using the new Twelve South HiRise ($80). The HiRise is very easy to assemble and can do double duty by acting as a spot to store and hide an external hard drive, or personal items and other belongings. The display height can be adjusted according to the individual user’s requirements, although at the lower settings, it might only fit a pocket-sized mobile external hard drive. We had it set at the highest position and were able to hide our hard drive, further cleaning up our workstation. It also works just as well with iMacs.”

And BackPack:
“The BackPack 2 ($35) is a tray that is designed to attach to the rear of a Thunderbolt or iMac aluminum stand. It can support weights up to 3.5 pounds meaning that is a great place to store an external hard drive, helping again to free up and unclutter your desk space. MacBook Air users will also be interested note that the BackPack 2 can also stowe their ultraportable notebook out of the way, behind their Thunderbolt displays. Users can also opt to fit the BackPack 2 to the front of their Thunderbolt display or iMac stand as a shelf to keep their smartphone or other items out of the way when not being used. Two BackPack 2s can also be purchased separately and fitted, one to the front and one to the back, without one interfering with the other.

And HoverBar:
“Of all the accessories from Twelve South we have been using, this is perhaps the most fun to use. We had ours fitted so that the iPad sits suspended next to our Thunderbolt display on the side, putting in our natural line of sight. In the vertical position, it can show documents and other apps like the Pulse visual RSS reader very effectively. Easily rotated, users can then easily switch to having a video playing while you are working. The HoverBar is very well made and inspires us with a sense confidence that it will not, over time, start to weaken and lose its ability to hold an iPad firmly in position.”

If you’re ready to use all your Apple products at once in a clutter-free “ultimate battle station” setup, order today — Twelve South now offers Flat Rate Shipping to most international destinations, so you can order your battle station all at once…and pay only one flat shipping fee.

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