Engadget Opens the Book(Book) on Twelve South: A Lot More About Us

While most press coverage is about our products, every now and then, a journalist will call up and ask a few questions about Twelve South: How do you come up with your products? What’s your greatest inspiration? Or “C’mon! Are there really only 12 of you people there?”

We weren’t really sure what to expect when Engadget managing editor Darren Murph emailed to inquire about getting a closer look at Twelve South. But after a few hours together, getting a feel for how and why we do what we do, Darren apparently had what he needed. The result is a terrific piece in Engadget’s Distro publication called “Opening the (Book)Book on Twelve South: Between the Covers of a Mac-Exclusive Accessory Maker,” which captures Twelve South the Company better than anything we’ve read so far.

So if you’re curious about how an “intentionally small” company in South Carolina — of only 12 people, truly — makes BookBooks, BookArcs, and other Apple-only products and has found its niche by staying small on purpose, you’ll want to read this.


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