Fan creates a new chapter in BookBook customization

Customized BookBooks are quickly becoming a popular option for many Twelve South fans inspired by our vintage cases for MacBooks and iPads. We’ve seen BookBooks re-imagined into classic stories like Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, but fan and BookBook owner Dave Ousley had an idea for his own inspired novel.

In his words:

“I used a local company called San Diego Bookbinding. It was a really nice guy that works out of his garage and only charged $25. Thank you for providing the correct font (which is Times New Roman, in case you’re wondering) and here is the result:

The first line was intentionally left distressed. I used my name as the author and my birth year as the publish date. I’m very happy with the result.

Thanks for a really cool iPad case!”

Thanks for reaching out, Dave. Great attention to detail for wanting your cover to match the original “BookBook” lettering on the spine! Looks very cool.

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