Forbes on Twelve South: “A Refreshing Break from the Norm”

Forbes Twelve South Review

We are blushing. In a recent piece for Forbes titled “These Two Companies Increase Apple’s New Worth,” writer Ed Zitron makes the case that Twelve South, along with friendly competitor Mophie, are the only two premium Apple accessory makers worthy of buying from, calling us the “Chanel clutch and Burberry bracelet to your little black iDress.”

Here’s a peek at the post from

“These companies lie as polar opposites with the same goal – Mophie creates a stream of new products each year, while Twelve South keeps predictably low-key and ponderous, creating only that which it thinks is absolutely necessary to bring to market.

This is well-evidenced in their latest releases – Twelve South’s reiterations of its BookBook series cry homage to the very leather tomes that the iPad and its ilk have metaphorically burned – the difference being that these real-leather cases actually protect and secure your iPad better than most cases. In the last year, Twelve South has only really released two or three new products, one in particular being the amazing PlugBug, a clip-on iPhone and iPad charger that fits perfectly on top of your Macbook charger to charge both an iPad and a Macbook Air at the same time. The HoverBar is a giant metal arm that juts out from your desk, your computer or anywhere that the clip fastens itself, grasping your iPad like an angry Sasquatch and throwing it in your face. With the churn of iDevice accessories in the market, Twelve South’s minimalism (and resulting quality) is a refreshing break from the norm.”

You can read the entire Forbes piece here, and if you’d like to read it on your iPad while in bed, may we recommend a HoverBar?

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