From the Mailbag: Customer Email about *new* BookBook for iPad!

We love to hear from you — it’s what keeps us moving forward with our products, changing, improving, growing. And it’s emails like this one that really make use smile after we launch something new.

With last week’s launch of the re-imagined BookBook for iPad came a flurry of emails from customers who were delighted with the changes. Here’s one from Valerie M:

“It is not often I take the time or trouble to write this kind of letter.  I just received my 2 bookbooks for my husband’s iPad 2 and my new iPad.  I have purchased multiple ipad covers to get the right features only to find this one has this feature and another has a different feature.  None just right.

You have blown me away.  All the features I desire are right here my new iPad cover.  What a delight to receive something that actually does what the hype said.  Well worth the wait.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Our iPads are complete.”

We’re so happy you like it, Valerie…thanks for the email! (Get your own new and oh-so-improved BookBook for iPad here, now available in Classic Black.)


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