GadgetMac: Compass “works flawlessly”

Really, you say the nicest things sometimes. GadgetMac recently took our Compass for a spin, and wrote up an extremely thorough review, complete with photographic evidence! The verdict?

The legs on Compass “seem to be set at the perfect viewing angle, the sweet spot if you will.” And does it work with a case? But of course: “As you can see, the Compass fits the iPad with the Apple iPad Case on without any issues at all.” (May we suggest a certain case we like to call BookBook for iPad?)

In summary, GadgetMac reports that “the Compass truly fits the iPad user’s every need. Not only does the Compass fit with the iPad’s design scheme, it also lets you fully interact with your iPad at home and on the go.”

Aw, shucks. We’re blushing. Get yours here.

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