GadgetMac on BookBook for Air: The most creative and inspiring MacBook case ever.

GadgetMac featuring Twelve South BookBook for MacBook

We all love our gadgets (and of course our Macs), so GadgetMac sounds like the perfect blog to be one of the first to check out our newest BookBook for the ultra-thin MacBook Air. GadgetMac has reviewed several of our products over the past year and always came away impressed, so we were curious to hear their opinion on BookBook for Air.

Did it meet their high expectations? From the review:

The amount of detail that was put into making the BookBook case is so realistic. Twelve South have outdone themselves yet again by creating such an incredible piece of art, they call the BookBook. It isn’t just made out of cheap materials, the BookBook is handmade using real leather. The tough spine bares golden markings and features red accents. Never have I came across such a unique looking case or sleeve, whatever you want to call it, for the MacBook or any other laptop for that matter. I’ve reviewed quite a few of Twelve South’s products, each have their own innovative uniqueness. The BookBook for the MacBook Air is a stunner on the outside.

Both sides of the BookBook are rigid, hardback covers that will keep your investment safe and sound inside. There are very few cases out there for the MacBook Air that offer a hard cover protection like the BookBook does. The leather used for the BookBook case has its own characteristics in that it can easily get scuff marks and scratches, the more the better in this case. As time goes on, the BookBook will look even more vintage then it is. No two BookBook cases will ever be identical because of this. I’ve had a pleasure carrying my 13″ MacBook Air inside the BookBook. It’s slim enough and comfortable for travel making it feel like you’re carrying a naked MacBook Pro in terms of thickness. For the amount of protection you’re getting, I think that the BookBook is at the perfect thickness that’s suitable for any kind of travel and even a protective case for safe storing.

GadgetMac featuring Twelve South BookBook for MacBook

To me, Twelve South has created the most creative and inspiring MacBook case ever. It’s no wonder it quickly replaced my boring Incase neoprene sleeve I’ve been using for a long time now. I think the BookBook case for the MacBook Air would find a place in your accessory wish list sooner than later. The $79.99 price tag is a little pricy, but when you consider the utmost uniqueness, quality and protection the BookBook has to offer, it’s fair enough to say that it’s undoubtedly worth the asking price. I don’t even like reading books and the BookBook has won me over.

Well thanks GadgetMac! We always love creating new and inspiring products for what we think are the best (and most beautiful) computers in the world. With Father’s Day less than a week away, don’t you think getting a BookBook for Dad’s MacBook Air or iPad 2 would make the perfect gift? Order soon and have it at your door in time for Dad this Sunday.

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