Gear Diary on BookBook: “THE most unusual and surprisingly pleasing iPad case I have tried”

The folks over at Gear Diary conducted a thorough up-close-and-personal review of our BookBook for iPad, and fell head over heels. In their words:

“The BookBook totally surprised me. I thought it would be some novelty case for the iPad. I was right… it is a novelty case for the iPad. BUT it is much more. It offers terrific protection when the iPad is inside, is made from high quality leather, it looks great, feels nice in the hand AND offers a flexible stand too. That’s a pretty awesome combination.

I’ve enjoyed using the BookBook tremendously. Sadly, a good thing doesn’t always last. You see, my father-in-law has been using the same case for HIS iPad (now referred to by my mother-in-law as “MY iPad”) since he first got it in the late spring. He saw the BookBook on my iPad the other night and said, “Is that one for me?” Who says “No” to their wife’s father? Not me… :)

Love this case!”

This kind of thing happens a lot. We’re always hearing of relatives wanting to get their hands on a BookBook of their own. So can we can make a small suggestion? If you’re going to be with family over the holidays and YOU have an iPad and are buying a BookBook, you may as well buy two. You’ll need one to give away to that jealous family member! (Free shipping available right now, but don’t wait too long.)

Get one…or two, right here.

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