Gizmodo Gift Guide: Smashingly Brilliant Gifts for the Anglophile Gadgeteer

Gizmodo Gift Guide featuring Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

Our addiction to Gizmodo runs deep, especially now that we can play Santa Claw (note to new visitors of Santa Claw: Do not skip the MacGruder-esque video!). Since there are still oh, a mere 800 people in line before us waiting for Santa Claw — and we should be working anyway — we’re happy to bring you this post.

But first, a quiz: What do all the following products have in common (other than great photography)?

If you guessed, “they’re each smashingly brilliant gifts for the anglophile gadgeteer,” you’re right! They are indeed! Yes, there’s our BookBook for iPhone as the #5 item for the man who “likes things the good old fashioned way” and “wishes everything were just a little more…civilized.”

“There is no decent smart phone that comes with a classy wooden case as standard, but iPhones look too damn sleek and modern for your loved one. Why not cover it up and make it look like an intellectual periodical instead? The BookBook cossets an iPhone in leather, in the least sexy way imaginable. There, that’s better.”

Love it. But we must add that we know several (thousand) freakishly sexy non-Anglophiles who also carry one. You are in good company, Anglophiles! Get your own BookBook for iPhone here, and excite Anglophiles everywhere you go.

And if you really want to give Santa Claws a try, you can check it out here:

Gizmodo Gift Guide featuring Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

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