Gizmodo: SurfacePad “the only case I would consider using with an iPhone”

Gizmodo SurfacePad for iPhone Review

This SurfacePad review is just so good we had to share it with you. If you’ve been following our SurfacePad for iPhone news, you already know it’s a product for, well, people who would rather their iPhone be au naturale…but they want to protect the screen and back from keys and hard surfaces. Gizmodo editor Jesus Dias gets it. In his doesn’t-mince-words-words:

“No, you don’t need a damn case for your iPhone 5—but if you have butterfingers and you must use a case, this seems to me like the only acceptable one. The SurfacePad is not only simple and elegant—complementing the iPhone’s design rather than turning it into an ugly hulk or a clear-plastic-wrapped granny sofa—but also has function. And it protects your screen too, unlike 99 percent of the offensively horrible covers out there.

Made of ultra-thin and smooth napa leather, the TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad can also serve as a stand. Like the manufacturer says, it’s not designed to resist a car getting over your iPhone, but it will protect your mobile against the most common threats without turning its clean lines into a unrecognizable mass of deformed plastic. And for that alone, I applaud them.”

Get your own non-Granny Sofa, ultra-minimal iPhone covering SurfacePad here. In pop red, white, or black.

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