Guess Who’s Working With a Compass? The White House! Yes, *that* White House!

We love seeing Twelve South products all over the place. After all, we’re simply a small company that makes things *we* wanted to use, but it’s especially nice to see that our products have become things that the public wants to use. So yes, if you’re wondering, we do get as excited as a bunch of ‘tween girls at a Bieber concert when, for example, we see Bryan Williams on NBC using a Compass on Election Night. And now, yes, we are in fact geeking out over the fact that one of President Obama’s speechwriters (can we assume all of them?) is using a Compass. In. His. Office. At. The. White. House. And it’s been caught on tape. Should we be monitoring orders looking for other famous addresses? What do you think?! (The Compass is just under the “play” arrow. We stopped video there to save you time. If you want to watch the whole fascinating look at writing the State of the Union, load this.)

The White House Twelve South Compass Sighting

Get your own “not officially endorsed by the President of the United States of America, but kinda,” Compass here.

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