Here’s one we missed: Tech Trackr on the Original BookArc…LOVE!

While we try our best to keep up with the things that are written about our products, somehow we missed this thorough review of BookArc for MacBook. It’s from Tech Trackr (“Tracking Today’s Tech”) and they went deep when it comes to checking out BookArc for increased MacBook performance as a desktop machine, as well as its overall usefulness.

Tech Trackr Twelve South BookArc for MacBook Review

Here’s their take on BookArc:

“From start to finish, Twelve South managed to impress me with its BookArc—here’s why:

First off, the packaging’s pretty impressive. The outer-most box is covered in an attractive stitched cloth material—I’m definitely keeping the box that the BookArc came in (in fact, Twelve South gave me twelve suggestions on what I could do with it!)

In my eyes, the BookArc serves two main functions: eliminating clutter and increasing function—I’m so fond of this accessory because it does both of these things extremely well.

Let’s talk about the BookArc’s “space-saving” abilities first: it’s blatantly obvious that the BookArc frees up a nice chunk of space on your desk in the most elegant way possible. And while it’s true that you could just lay your MacBook flat on your desk, who really wants to give us that much valuable real estate? It’s also incredibly easy to detach your MacBook in case you need to grab it and go—straps and cables need not apply.

Tech Trackr Twelve South BookArc for MacBook Review

And, believe it or not, the BookArc actually increases function. One of the biggest disadvantages of having a laptop (MacBooks especially) is that they overheat. In case you weren’t aware, the entire line of MacBooks actually slows down the processor when the temperature exceeds a certain temperature. The BookArc poses a solution by keeping your notebook cooler.  We found that our early MacBook Pro model ran faster; although the speed increase wasn’t enormous, it was definitely noticeable.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the build quality of this thing: the BookArc itself is made from some pretty high-quality aluminum. It has an impressive, sleek design that is truly “Apple-esque.” At just over a pound, the BookArc is pretty hefty so unless you’re unusually strong, I doubt the BookArc’s going anywhere (meaning if you accidentally nudge it, I don’t anticipate any consequences).”


  • Simple, yet elegant design
  • Compatible with almost every MacBook ever made
  • Awesome build quality
  • Practical for both home and office use

Thanks, Tech Trackr…we’ll keep our eyes on you from here on out! Get your own BookArc here. (And if you’ve got an iPad, there’s one for you too.)

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