HiRise Deluxe vs. HiRise Original: a Feature Comparison Chart

What’s new with the HiRise Deluxe? Does it make sense to upgrade from my original HiRise? What do I get for the price difference? See this handy comparison chart below for a quick feature comparison, then read the comments and suggestions below for additional thoughts, tips and ideas…

Twelve South HiRise Deluxe Feature Chart

Same function, more features
As you can see, both HiRise Deluxe and HiRise Original accomplish the same task beautifully: Dock your iPhone or iPad for charging, hands-free use and display. The main difference between the two (and the biggest reason for the price difference) is that the HiRise Deluxe includes cables — not only a color-matching MFI Lightning Cable, but also a Micro-USB cable to charge other items like extended battery pack cases. That’s not possible with the HiRise Original, as it uses the Apple Lightning Cable exclusively (.5m and 1m. cable, not the 2m version)

HiRise Original is a great deal
That said, if you have an extra Apple Lightning Cable, maybe you bought another cable for the car or travel, you can certainly save a few dollars and still get the HiRise Original. It works great for docking and charging your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, adjusts to fit cases and is a well-reviewed classic in the iPhone and iPad stand world.

To upgrade or not to upgrade…
Should you upgrade your Original HiRise to a new HiRise Deluxe? Only if a new feature like Micro-USB or the new Gold finish is important to you. Frequent adjustments for different size cases or devices is also much easier with the new Thumb Dial on the back of the Deluxe. Color matching cables on the Black HiRise Deluxe is a very nice addition too.

Why not two?
A better idea might be to add a HiRise Deluxe to another location, say in the kitchen or bedroom, and leave your Original HiRise at work or on your desk. As they say, the more options the better. Once you decide, you can get either HiRise Deluxe or HiRise Original right here.

And don’t forget — either one makes a great gift!


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