How Do You BookBook? Canterbury Tales Edition

We hear a lot about people customizing their BookBooks. Some of you have even gone so far as to publish images if your customizations online, or you’ve emailed them to us. We’ve seen the BookBook reimagined as Harry Potter, as a witch’s Book of Potions…and now, we’re happy to share a true classic, Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. (And it takes us back, way back, to a Humanities course in high school whereby we had to recite, from memory, the introduction. In Middle English. And we still remember it. Freaky. But also, a good bar trick.)

But we digress. Here’s a lovely BookBook “custom-made” to inspire you on this Monday by BookBook owner and fan Michael Smith, who was kind enough to email us photos he’s happy to share.

Twelve South BookBook customization

Twelve South BookBook customization

Want to get your own Book Book? Sure — get it here for iPad or your new iPad 2. Want to get it customized? If you live in North Carolina or thereabouts, the word is that this one was customized at Custom Bindery & Specialties, Charlotte, NC, USA.

Customized your own BookBook? Be sure to send us a photo to: marketing (at) twelvesouth (dotcom)!

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